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Measuring Our Impact

At Faunalytics, we are serious about measuring and improving our impact. This page serves are our Impact Hub, where you can find out more about the reach of everything we do.

As an organization that is focused on helping animal advocates be as effective as possible, impact isn’t just a nice-to-have extra — it’s integral to everything we do. Below, we take a detailed look at how we measure our effectiveness, how our work is viewed by our community of users and advocates, and how Faunalytics has helped the movement overall in the past two decades. Explore the blogs, infographics, lists, and data below for a comprehensive overview of our mission, our reach, and our impact.

These numbers are updated quarterly. Latest update: Jan. 1, 2024.

As an organization focused on providing accessible and reliable data to animal advocates, we focus on serving the movement first, at all levels — whether you are an individual advocate or a member of a national or international organization, we publish work that will be relevant to you, and we can see that in our numbers. We’re also making an increased effort to increase our impact by providing resources that the general public would find useful and educational, reaching beyond the boundaries of the movement to educate those who may not have any familiarity with the issues.

Above, we can see that our audience of advocates, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, make the most use of our two flagship programs: the Research Library and our Original Research. While a relatively smaller percentage of our users avail themselves of our pro bono support and Office Hours, the annual growth of that program gives us confidence that it is a meaningful contribution for advocates putting data into action. What’s more, the global reach of the pro bono support program is truly inspiring.

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