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Culture & Careers At Faunalytics

Our close-knit organization is a place where animal advocates can grow, support each other, and become more effective, together.


Faunalytics is a small but mighty team working towards a big mission: to help make the animal protection movement more effective.

Key to succeeding in our mission is recognizing that all of our relationships matter — not only the relationships that we as an organization have with other groups working in the same movement, but the relationships we have with each other within Faunalytics, with our stakeholders, with our volunteers, and with the general public. Therefore, we work hard to maintain a positive, supportive, and cohesive culture, even while working remotely from several different countries.

Understanding Our Culture

Our Values

We pursue our vision with open hearts, and using our carefully considered organizational values as a guide.

  • Stay True To The Data: Quality research has the power to magnify the positive impact of the animal protection movement. We conduct our work with integrity, objectivity, and transparency.
  • Nurture Compassion: Compassion is the heart of animal advocacy. By embodying empathy, fostering equity, diversity, and inclusivity, and showing respect – to animals, the planet, one another, and to ourselves – we can change the world for the better.
  • Collaborate For Shared Success: We are in this movement together. We support and elevate our fellow animal advocates and teammates, because we are even greater than the sum of our parts.
  • Cultivate Curiosity: We encourage inquiry, learning, and openness. We explore and embrace new possibilities for the best ways to help advocates and animals.

Our mission statement

Faunalytics’ mission is to empower animal advocates with access to research, analysis, strategies, and messages that maximize their effectiveness to reduce animal suffering. Animals need you, and you need data.

We conduct essential research, maintain an online research library, and directly support advocates and organizations in their work to save lives. The range of data we offer helps our movement understand how people think about and respond to advocacy, providing advocates with the best strategies to inspire change for animals.

We Are Committed To Caring And Belonging

Animal advocates are known for their compassion and commitment to a more just world. Faunalytics shares those qualities, while also acknowledging that applying them only to animals is not enough: We strive to enact a holistic view of compassion and justice in all aspects of what we do. Read more about our commitment to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessiblity here.


The animal protection movement has never been a monolithic entity. Recognizing and celebrating the diversity of the movement means uplifting the broadest possible range of voices and perspectives, so that we can learn and grow together.


It’s crucial for animal advocates to always do what we can to right wrongs and ensure that our movement holds itself accountable. Creating a more equitable movement will be a challenging and ongoing process, and it’s one that Faunalytics is committed to wholeheartedly.


As an organization that exists to support the work of animal advocates, we believe that the animal protection movement is only as strong as the people who make up our community, and strongest when it truly reflects all of those who are part of that community.

Becoming A Faunalyst

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