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Virtual Office Hours

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For more than 20 years, Faunalytics has been the research arm of the animal advocacy movement. We hope that you turn to us when you’re looking for a statistic, the best way to tackle an advocacy problem, or advice about research! Check out the details below, organized by the type of help each staff member provides, to find the best person for your needs.


Come to us for advice about finding or understanding data, exploring the Faunalytics website, or general inquiries about strategy, tactics, and advocacy techniques.

Librarian Office Hour

with Content Director karol orzechowski

Tuesdays, 12pm–1pm ET | Max time per person: 30 mins

karol’s areas of expertise include:

karol’s Faunalytics publications can be found here.

Please reach out to karol in English (native), Polish (native), or French (B1).

Research Communicator Office Hour

with Research Liaison Björn Ólafsson

Tues., 4-5pm Central European Time, Thurs., 10-11am Central European Time,
Max time per person: 30 mins

Björn’s areas of expertise include:

  • Industrial animal agriculture
  • Alternative proteins
  • Psychology of meat and diet
  • Animal sentience, consciousness, and personality
  • The research behind effective advocacy

Björn’s Faunalytics’ publications can be found here.

Please reach out to Björn in English (native) or Spanish (B2).


Come to us to help refine your studies, polls, or surveys, or general advice on conducting your own research.

Researcher Office Hour

with Research Scientist Coni Arévalo

Tuesdays, 2pm–3pm ET | Max time per person: 30 mins

Coni’s areas of expertise include:

  • Wild animals
  • Intersection of animal advocacy and environmental issues
  • Scientific writing (English and Spanish)
  • Study design
  • Research ethics (e.g., when conducting a survey or interview)

Coni’s Faunalytics’ publications can be found here.

Please reach out to Coni in English (native) or Spanish (native).

Researcher Office Hour

with Research Scientist Dr. Andrea Polanco

Wednesdays, 10am–11am ET | Max time per person: 30 mins

Andrea’s areas of expertise include:

  • Study and survey design
  • Grassroots activism 
  • Animal welfare 
  • Advocacy-science collaboration 

Andrea’s Faunalytics’ publications can be found here.

Please reach out to Andrea in English (native) or Spanish (B1).

Researcher Office Hour

with Research Scientist Zach Wulderk

Thursdays, 1pm–2pm ET | Max time per person: 30 mins

Zach’s areas of expertise include:

  • R and working with data
  • The economics of animal agriculture
  • Political science (U.S.)
  • Study and survey design

Zach’s Faunalytics’ publications can be found here.

Please reach out to Zach in English.

About Office Hours

Faunalytics’ weekly, pro-bono Office Hours provide the opportunity to receive one-on-one help with research design, strategy, and/or general questions. Office Hours are held via Google Meet video conferencing.

How To Join

Join any Office Hour (at any time during the hour) by clicking any of the buttons above. Please note that if we are very busy we may not be able to let you into the session. We are sincerely sorry if this happens and encourage you to try back later in the session or on another day.

Book Another Time

If you’d like to attend an Office Hour but are unable to attend at the scheduled time, we invite you to contact our team to schedule a time that works for you. Our email addresses can be found on our Team page.

Pro-Bono Support

We offer up to 30 minutes per organization (or independent advocate) per office hour, and up to 3 hours total per calendar year. Organizations with annual revenues under USD $1 million are offered up to 5 additional hours of support per year, with timing dependent on capacity.

Custom Research

If you are inquiring about custom research for your organization, please email our Research Director, Dr. Jo Anderson, for details. We offer Partner Projects on a limited basis, capacity allowing.

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